14. International Puppet Theatre Festival “Katowice for Children” 2020 Rules & Regulations

The Organizer

Śląski Teatr Lalki i Aktora Ateneum (Ateneum– the Silesian Puppet and Actor Theatre)

ul. św. Jana 10, 40-012 Katowice, phone: +48 32 2538-221, 2538-222,

phone and fax: +48 32 2537-926, e-mail: , www.ateneum.art.pl

The Director of the Festival is the Director of The “Ateneum” Theatre.

The Patron of the Festival

The President of a city of Katowice.


The fourteenth edition  is planned from 15th to 17th of October 2020.

The performances will be presented on both stages of the „Ateneum” Theatre (ul. św. Jana 10 and in the Ateneum Gallery, ul. 3 Maja 25), in venues leased in Katowice.

Participation conditions

– only professional puppet theatres may participate in the Festival;

– only performances for children and teenegers will be presented in the competition;

– as part of accompanying events (outside the competition), will be performances for adults and presentations by students of theather schools are envisaged;

– the concept of chairing this year’s edition requires intergenerational relations;- qualified productions referring to the participation in the Festival are availablefor dialogue between generations of children, adolescents and adults and reflection onbuilding bonds between different from different generations, implemented by means of puppet theather and using its modern forms.


– The plays will be chosen by the Qualifying Committee called by the Director of the Festival, on the basis of the DVD recordings and other material supplied by the theatre.

– The entries will be accepted till 31.03.2020  15.05.2020;

– interested theatres are required to send a link to the full recording a performance or DVD, application form (separately for each play), carefully chosen photographs, suitable for printing (at least 6) and information about the performance and theatre.

– Theatres will receive information with results of  qualification in writing not later than till 15.05.2020  as soon as possible.


The Festival has a form of competition. Performances will be evaluated by jury, nominated by the Director of the Festival.


Jury will grant three Prizes of the President the city of Katowice:

– Grand Prix for the best performance of the Festival

and two equal actor prizes:

– for the best female role

– for the best male role.

Jury has the right – with the agreement of the Director of the Festival and within the framework of the Festival budget – to divide awards in a different way and to create a new category if it is needed.

Laureates will also receive the honorable statuettes.

Additional prizes:

– Honorary Diploma from Polish Puppet Centre POLUNIMA

– Prize from Silesian Department of ZASP

The additionally funded prizes outside the official rules are also possible.

The publication of the results and handing of the prizes will be effected in the last day of the Festival.

Theatres taking part in the festival will receive diplomas.

Organizers will provide

– the accommodation and 2 meals daily (a breakfast and a dinner) for guests and participants of the Festival, in a number agreed with the invited theatres;

– fee for the performance, at the sum fixed in agreement with invited theatres after the end of qualification;

– technical conditions for the performance and the work of light and sound engineers, stage workers and organizational services;

– promotional material.

Theatres taking part in a festival agree for

using free of charge photos and pieces of video recordings of their performances presented on the festival for promotion (promotion materials and for press);

– using free of charge photos and recordings of their performances, which will be made during festival – for  promotion and for records;

– free of charge recording and publishing on TV pieces of their performances up to max 3 minutes.

Theatres participating in the Festival undertake to

– cover all royalties and to certify of having license and author rights to presented performances on the festival;

delegate a representative of the troupe till the end of a ceremony of the Festival.


RULES 2020



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