Regulations of the 14 International Puppet Theatre Festival Katowice for Children

1. Organiser of the Festival:

Silesian Puppet and Actor Theatre Ateneum

ul. św. Jana 10, 40-012 Katowice,

tel./fax +48 32 2537-926, e-mail:

Director of the Ateneum Theatre is the director of the Festival.

2. The President of Katowice city has the honorary patronage of the Festival.

3. Dates

The 14th edition is planned from 28 September to 1 October 2022.

The performances will be presented on the stages of the Ateneum Theatre (ul. św. Jana 10) and the Youth Palace (ul. Mikołowska 26), as well as in halls rented in Katowice.

4. Conditions of participation:

– professional puppet theatres participate in the Festival;

– only performances for children and young people will be presented in the competition;

– performances by directors of the young generation whose professional debut took place after 2005 will be invited to participate;

– the theme of this year’s edition will be intergenerational relations (conflict/isolation, building relationships/collaboration);

– the following productions will be eligible for participation in the Festival: productions referring to a dialogue between generations of children, young people and adults and to the reflection on building links between people of different generations, implemented by means appropriate to a puppet theatre and using its modern forms.

5. Qualification:

– the selection of performances will be made by the Qualification Board (appointed by the Festival Director) on the basis of recordings of performances and other materials provided by the theatres;

– Applications will be accepted until 15 May 2022;

– interested teams are required to send a link to a full recording of the performance (or a DVD), an application form (completed separately for each proposed staging), information about the performance and theatre and a minimum of 6 printable photographs;

– Theatres will be informed of the qualification results by 10 June 2022.

6. Jury:

The festival takes the form of a competition. Performances will be judged by a Jury appointed by the Festival Director.

7 Prizes:

The Jury will award three Prizes of the President of Katowice City

– Grand Prix for the best performance of the Festival

and two equal prizes for acting:

– for the Best Actress

– for the Best Actor.

The Jury has the right, in agreement with the Festival Director, to divide prizes in a different manner and to introduce additional categories within the overall financial funds.

The winners will also receive honorary statuettes.

Prizes awarded outside the regulations:

– Diploma of Honour of the Polish Puppetry Centre POLUNIMA

– Prize of the Silesian Branch of the Association of Polish Stage Artists (ZASP)

Additionally funded prizes may also be awarded outside the regulations.

The results will be announced and the prizes will be awarded on the last day of the Festival.

8. Theatres taking part in the Festival will receive diplomas of participation.

9. The organisers provide:

– accommodation and 2 meals a day (breakfast and dinner) for the Festival guests and participants, in a number agreed with the invited theatres;

– a performance fee, the amount of which will be determined in consultation with the theatres after completion of the qualification;

– technical conditions for the presentation of the performance, electro-acoustic technicians on duty, stage management staff and organisational support;

– advertising material.

10. Theatres participating in the Festival automatically agree for:

– free use of photographs and fragments from recordings of the presented performances in advertising and press materials;

– free photographic and video recording for documentation purposes and promotional activities;

– free registration and TV broadcast of fragments of the performance up to 2 minutes.

11. Theatres participating in the Festival are obliged to:

– settle by themselves all amounts due by virtue of copyright, declaring at the same time that they hold such rights;

– ensure the presence of a representative of the team during the festival closing ceremony.




foto: projekt plakatu: Michał Cygan


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